Step 1. We ask you to provide some value information that will help us to put together a menu based on your food preferences (taste, diet, food allergies, likes, dislikes). The information can be entered here  Agree with our terms  before submitting.

Step 2. Smart Food Solutions put together a custom meal menu and send it for your approval  in the email provided.

Step 3. Once you agree with the menu selection, order your meals on our website  Make your choice from Farm to Table or Organic meals options  and select your numbers of meals .  

Step 4. Once your order is confirmed, Smart Food Solutions send you a notification email with safety information on how to handle your meals.

  Step 5.In the same day of your pre-established delivery we shop for ingredients from approved menu. We buy only from reputable sources, local, wholesome foods, just enough to prepare your meals.

Step 6.Our chefs prepare the foods using the right cooking methods and specific instructions to create your meals.

Step 7. Once all items of your food are cooked, we place them in commercial grade  reusable, microwavable containers and label them accordingly. 

Step 8. We notify you of the delivery ETA. All our deliveries are after 6pm.

  For more information about our services please contact us. 

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                                   Thank you!