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Raw pickled black Spanish radish and cucumber

8oz. all ingredients are local and organic , contain apple cider, rice vinegar, salt black pepper , hibiscus syrup,raw sugar and dill herb This items qualify for free delivery only with other purchases like scones or meals at this time.. or if sold as bulk item. This item is not pasteurized.


Menu 1 plus scones

8 meals menu one plus 8 vegan scones .


10 Organic meals, add 8 scones

Menu 1 Delivery Monday after 6 pm Thank you for your order


10, Organic meals

Delivery Monday after 6PM.


12 organic meals

Delivery Monday evening


5 Organic meals

Delivery Friday


14 Organic/wild meals

Sunday 1:30pm


12 Organic meals



12 Organic meals

Delivery Tuesday evening


6 Organic Meals

12oz portion control meals


Specialty foods

8 Blueberry Scones, Gluten Free

Delicious scones made with organic ingredients. Comes packed in a paper box ready to be gifted


8 Cocoa Nibs Gluten Free Scones

Cocoa nibs are a healthy super food source that provide antioxidants. All made with organic ingredients . Comes packed in a paper box ready to be gifted


Key Lime Scones

8, Vegan, Gluten free Scores