S&F Catering Services

Select 1 to purchase 1/2 with remaining 1/2 at the end of the service; Select 2 for payment in full


Please contact us before you place your order to find if you qualify for free delivery



6 Organic meals, 12oz each

Healthy, pre-portioned, fresh, individual serving, 12oz. 10$ each


6 Farm to Table Meals

Healthy, pre-portioned, fresh, individual serving, 12oz. $8 each meal


Custom Orders

Buy 0rganic, fresh 12oz, individual serving, meals.

Custom number of meals orders needs to be approved first. Minimum order of 6 meals


Buy farm to table, fresh 12oz. individual serving meals

Order must be approved first.. 6 minimum meals order


As advertised. Seniors, 65 and older, 15%off /6 meals minimum order

See offers on http://www.facebook.com/smartfoodsolution for more details.

Buy 6 farm to table, seniors only ,15%off

Farm to table, 12oz meals, seniors 65 of age and older This offer is valid only for areas of delivery free of charge (10 Miles)


For deliveries to a specific address other then the payment address please fill in accurate the following information