Age: Must be 18 years of age to start a meal program or to receive a custom menu.

Terminology: Our claims of healthy meals, weight loss and other medical terms used are made only for informational purpose.

Health risks: If you are pregnant or you are diagnosed with any health conditions ask your doctor for approval before joining our meal program. Our meals are not intended neither do claim to cure any medical conditions.

Pre-packed fresh meals do not contain any food additives or preservatives. Fresh foods need to be refrigerated at all time. Smart Food Solutions owners/ representative and its employees cannot be kept responsible after the meals are delivered for proper refrigeration  (time and temperature abuse)

Substitution of menu items. Smart Food Solutions will make any effort to fulfill  each meal  on the menu provided . Some food items may not be available for purchase on the market and we will make a substitution and inform our client

Copyright: You must agree to respect any intellectual propriety and materials that you receive from Smart Food Solutions and to not modify or distribute in any way without our consent.

Use of the website and social media : Smart Food Solutions is not responsible, or liable to any third-party posted content or by your posts used on this site or any social menu managed by Smart Food Solutions. By using this site, and other affiliated sites including social media you agree to not use language and terms for  profanity, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by Smart Food Solutions. We take pictures with all meals delivered for quality check and advertising on different social media platforms.

Billing: For credit or debit charge we use PayPal. PayPal is administrating  the service of monetary transactions. Smart Food Solutions is notified for receiving of funds  and a transaction ID need to be issued  in a PayPal systems  for a transaction to be considered valid. Paying by check is treated  as an electronic transfer. Insufficient funds in a transaction is handled by the bank governing over the pay method used in the transaction.

Meals deliveries: Every 3 days to ensure that your meals are fresh. We want customers to experience fresh cooked food. Meals are cooked the day of the established. Delivery is free for approved locations only with minimum of 6 meals order at once. Deliveries are made after 6pm local time on the day  pre-established with the customer. No order will be left at customer door, someone need to be present to receive the order. Scheduled orders with specific times are just estimates times arrivals.
A reminder will be sent to the customer  that may use social media, emails, text messages or phone calls to send information  of  delivery and confirmations.

There is no contract or reoccurring orders.

Refund. Due to time and temperature abuse  Smart Food Solutions do not accept returning of meals. A replacement of meal may be granted or a refund issued. Take a picture with the meal received  and send it following contact information’s with a detail explanation in the first 24 hours of receiving your meals.

For questions please use our contact information.

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