Your food taste good, but isn’t all about taste .Visual, texture, smell etc.. as many of the sensory you can reach the best experience for the one to consume the food will be greater .

Be creative, don’t over crowd plates ,smaller is better, appropriate garnish, don’t plate on rim, and lot more to consider from the size of the plate to where the items sit on the plate all matter.

Create high impact colors is always a winner. Pale color dishes on white plates is a disaster.

Think of tilapia fish, mash potatoes on a white plate? In order to bring some color in to this dish you will sear tilapia coated with lemon pepper, garlic, paprika to enhance its color. Mashed potatoes don’t have to be white solid, think of making red skin potato purée, add bacon bites parsley flakes, butter for rich colors, garnish plate with lemon wedges…Be Creative.

The Chef20141009_162709 20141009_162624 with most artistic views is the winner…

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