greenA successful chef-cook should know how to develop flavors, understand food chemistry,  be passionate and always  strive to get better. (Under seasoned dishes and in special, meat cuts, is a proof of a beginner cook who do not posses yet enough experience.)

Understanding how flavor is created is the ultimate in cooking. Knowledge combined with experience is the key to be a good chef. First make sure you get the right  information. Books, materials from world famous cooking people, school books, than get familiar with cooking techniques and practice over & over again until you master all of them. Do not take shortcuts. Please get familiar as well with quality ingredients.know your spices & herbs understand how flavor is received in humans (anatomy),. All what’s left is to practice,if it was a formula for getting  to become a good chef it should look like this.

Knowledge + hard work + dedication + practice = successful chef

Want to be professional than work with professionals

Good luck! You’ll need it.

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