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Crazy Green Thumbs

Garden huckleberry: Every serious fruit gardener should grow this at least once. Everyone who loves a good science experiment should cook with it at least once!!!

What am I talking about? Well, this is a crazy plant. It is a nightshade (as are: tomatoes, potatoes, tomatillo, eggplants, peppers and most famously belladonna aka deadly nightshade.) As an annual this is one of the few plants (along with it’s close cousin the husk tomato aka ground cherry) you can grow and use as a sweet fruit the first season from seed. (Here’s a spoiler: These are not naturally sweet and have almost no flavor raw.)


Now here is where we start getting complicated. Almost immediately! The plant looks like a pepper plant but it was a huge spidermite trap for me. It was constantly on my list of things to spray (Neem oil worked well for me). I would guess if…

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