Clean up spills as soon as they occur. Learn to operate equipment properly; always use guards and safety devices. Turn off or unplug electrical equipment before cleaning. Wear clothing that fits properly; avoid wearing jewelry, which may get caught in equipment. Use knives and other equipment for their intended purposes only. When walking in the kitchen, carry knives close to your side with the point down. Keep exits, aisles and stairs clear and unobstructed. Always assume pots and pans are hot; handle them with dry towels. Position pot and pan handles out of the aisles so that they do not get bumped. Get help or use a cart when lifting or moving heavy objects. Avoid back injury by lifting with your leg muscles; stoop, don’t bend, when lifting. Use an appropriately placed ladder or stool for climbing; do not use a chair, box, drawer or shelf. Keep breakable items away from food storage or production areas. Never leave a pan of oil unattended; hot fat can ignite when overheated. Warn people when you must walk behind them, especially when carrying a hot pan.

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