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chicken cordon bleu fried wontons

chicken cordon bleu wontons

The other night we were watching TV, the hubs and I. Of course we were watching sports, what else? When that man has the TV on, it gets stuck on ESPN. I wasn’t exactly watching closely; I also had my iPad with me, to check on emails and such. So I almost had a heart attack when all of a sudden, he jumped up!

“Crikey!” “It’s March Madness in a week!”

Well, he didn’t really say “Crikey!” We’re not British, that’s not part of our vernacular. But I just always wanted to say “Crikey!” myself. Especially since I have two British “blokes” co-hosting my Fiesta Friday this week. Well, they’re not “blokes” either, they’re “sheilas”. But I just always wanted to say “blokes” and “sheilas”.

And now I’m totally confusing my countries and continents. I don’t think “sheilas” are British. What are “sheilas”? And can you use “blokes” like we…

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