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strawberry daquiri sorbet  ©  strawberry daquiri sorbet  ©

“We are going to the farm to pick some strawberries” declared ones cheffy chum?  Cascading chandeliers of colour changing berries turning from green to white then become resplendent red in the warmth of their canvass clad shell.  With baskets upon baskets of them shortly about our person. Someone (she) said “Coo I could murder a strawberry daiquiri”? Whilst one mythes about making a sorbet, maybe with some elderflower! A resplendent stem of elderflowers and a few camomile flowers, that were growing nearby, further prettied my thoughts. A strawberry Daiquiri indeed?

DSC_4938  DSC_4935 (1)strawberry daquiri sorbet  ©  DSC_4957DSC_4950 DSC_4953

Lumped and semi slumped, in her car, mostly under the weight of strawberries. I successfully launched one of my baskets of, very recently picked,  throughout her vehicle. A collective skirmish to retrieve, she’s not the only one who could now murder a daiquiri! (If that’s auto suggestion:- I’m such a sad little lemming!)

DSC_4970  DSC_4925

One needs to get…

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