The world is full of bacteria. Bacteria to grow at cool temperature or cold are called psychrophiles. Others require
high temperatures and are called
thermophiles. Some grow even if the temperature is at the 215F. Most
bacteria that we deal with are mesophiles,
bacteria that grow at  temperature between 77–113°F . Food industry require to monitor any food served for direct consumption to be in specific temperature zone called danger  zone.40/41-/140F .
Bacteria grow slow in mediums  with high acidity and grow very fast in mediums with a low pH .
Any animal protein, cooked or uncooked, sea food, fish any fruit which has been cut , any vegetabale which was preheated any fresh sprouts, any mixtures of oils with spices, garlic etc will create bacteria to grow . By refrigerating we are NOT killing bacteria , we just slow down the growing process.(Remember that)
Cross contamination is another factor which accelerate the growing process trough hands ,ustensile, un properly refrigeration or storage.
Some bacteria from food can create critical human conditions, ending in hospitalization or even deth.

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