Sunday birthday party at the pool. Main course grilled broiled fresh catfish. Recently one of my friend caught a 46lb big catfish so now was time for to have it grilled and served along with home-made polenta and a garlic sauce. Following are methods of how fish should be prep.

For grilling

First coat fish with oil or butter, then dregs in seasoned flour and then again with oil, and then bread crumbs or cornmeal.
Brush grill with oil cook until a nice outside crust formed and fish looks flaky .
For broiling

Broil thick cuts on both sides, turning once. Broil thin pieces on one side only. Serve hot with lemon sauce , lemon butter, garlic sauce , tartar sauce etc..

Fat fish can be broiled on both sides. No coat of starch needed.

Pan frying

Coat fish in seasoned flour, to form a crust. Soak fish in milk or buttermilk then flour and cornmeal for a thicker crust if you prefer, that will also keep together the fish
Cook in a shallow pan with little clarified butter or oil with a high smoking point.
Be careful when you handling fish in the pan since can break easy . Large fish can be finished in oven after the crust is formed.

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