Each comercial kitchen should have a designated proven system to ensure safety in food reciving, processing and services.
STEPS in order
Identify the critical points starting with the selection of the menu and recipe used

Identify critical points in reciving goods (deliveries)

Identify  critical point in storage

Identify critical points in preparing

Identify critical points in cooking

Identify critical points in holding ready to eat food

Identify critical control in cooling left overs

Check to see if system works

To achieve above you will need to determine at each step all critical points and have literatures, forms and logs for record (minimum of 30 days holding record, check with local county, city or state)
If you need assistance in developing, monitoring  and training in HACCP systems please contact Smart Food Solutions
We can get you in no time ready for culinary success.

Tip. All forms, logs and labeling needs to be inforced to fulfill  your HACCP requirement corectly.
Monitor at all time when any of above steps occurs to ensure safety.There may be others HACCP points in your type of business and needs to be added as well.


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