This is a good dish to promote at your restaurant if you serve breakfast. Guaranteed  success. It combine
everyone favorite eggs, shrimp and quinoa. This is a classic combination with an add of healthier side like quinoa . This dish can be promoted as a healthy, less carbs  but very nutritional..  Who needs potatoes anyway. It will taste out of this world if is cooked right . Can be made by order with only few steps preparation. This dish do not have a name .. Call it as you wish but need to try it .
Cook eggs your way and set aside. Saute quinoa with chopped fresh greens or fresh spinach, squiz a half fresh lemon juice and add salt and pepper.Saute shrimp in a skillet with little cooking oil and your fsv spices (lemon pepper, Cajun seafood spice..salt pepper..just make it taste good.
Assemble the dish
That’s all ..
Tips . sprinkle feta cheese on quinoa at the end for more presentation.
Serve with a lemon wadge . Side of seasonal fruits ..try blueberry…
Cook on a flat top all at once on separate spots then put the dish together for faster service



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