The most important in cooking is to understand the basic functionality of the 3 part processes .
1 Heat
2 Air
3 Moisture.(water)

Heat is a molecular motion and is made through combustion and can be obtain  through different sources , like gas , electricity etc
Air is composed of oxigen, nitrogen,and argon . Only oxigen support fire.
Moisture as water is present in everything we cook from a higher procentage to a lower one . Steam cannot be observed in the boiling process but the water wapors can .
Steam will help break up fibers in vegetable, fruits and break down proteins fibers as well . Heat and moisture  swells pasta , grains etc.
After you understand this cooking foundation, you will need to know how heat is transfered in cooking process from its source to the food you are cooking. Specific are found in cooking methods like grilling, Saute, etc .
(baking is cooking by the way) . Study food chemistry will help prepare you for the next steps …
Knowing to follow recipes is good but isn’t enough to be able to be a great cook .
Read and learn almost everyday about cooking will give you knowledge and ideas, practice and practice again for great results.

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