Teach your kids to eat healthy.
If they are too small to understand just set an example and cultivate a healthy food for the entire family.
If you don’t eat healthy don’t expect the kids to eat healthy.
Skip pancakes for breakfast, or waffle (I never understood why we eat cake and corn syrup for breakfast) instead prep. some oatmeal with brown sugar and little cinnamon. Add diced apples and I guarantee any child will love it .
Fresh fruit salad with Greek yogurt….I never meet anyone to say they don’t like it . (I may be wrong cause always someone is an exception to the rule ).
Choose a lower fat content milk, you cannot tell the difference from 2% to 1% to low fat. Buy oat bran, wheat cereal with less sugar..
Replace high sweets like candies or high sodium potato chips with fresh organic fruit (cannot afford organic ? Is ok fresh fruit will do . I always think of sugar and fat will kill you faster then the pesticides use to grow those fruits and vegetables)
Why will you give a child a drink full of food color and sugar and aspect them behave lol? If your child mouth change color after eat a candy that’s bad. Why feed them artificial color and flavors?
Your kids should be an extension of yourself .they don’t have to be on a diet later on in life just cause you were at your time. Your experience should teach them better.
I believe in moderation as well. Eat only when is needed .don’t go to extreme on diets cause you will loose important nutrients, instead use a healthy balance way .


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