Is good to know how temperature affect the meat and what is the proper way to cook for best results.
At high temperature the outside of the steaks and roasts will be getting done faster and loose moisture, dry out and lots of caramelization will occure but the interior will be mostly raw and thats happening because is a big diffrence between the inside  and the outside temperature of the meat.
Best in this case you will need to start grilling/cooking at a lower temperature for longer time and finish your steaks or roasts at a higer temperature for the outside look (caramelization) to be perfect
Make sure you are using a thermometer, knowing internal temperatures of meats will help you in determine the level of doneness.
Best practice is to control the temperature . Start at low temperature,increase the time of cooking, and finish at higer temperature.
For an outside grill create two zone temperature settigs.  One lower and one higher, cook by moving your steaks from low heat to high heat by the end of the process . This can be achieved  with charcoal  as well by how the charcoal is aranged or by the distance the meat is from the heat

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