I belive every idea was exhausted already in  healthcare .. from all menus from “All Natural Ingredients”.. all that time spent to figure out something new… sooner or later is no escape from eating healthy, organic foods.. yes more money to pay for your healthy life but may reduce the bill of your health insurance one day .. so stay healthy by eating healthy …I hope this make sense ..:)

3 thoughts on “Future of healthcare foods is Organic 

  1. I have always grown some of my own food. It’s scary what’s out there. The GMO monster is taking over the grocery store. I’m starting to think there’s a reason to kill us off through a bad diet…..just haven’t figured it out yet

    1. lol that s true. wherever the foods come from make sure you choose the cleanest as you can get, minimum processed no added stuff and is all grown as nature intended to do it without any additional support ..

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