As the holidays approach fast, here are some suggestions for your appetizer menu for Christmas and New Year party celebrations and not only

Barbecue Cocktail Meatballs

Artichoke dip and shrimp

Cream cheese spread with jalapenos

Bacon and clam dip

Bacon wrapped scallops

Bacon wrapped shrimp kebabs

Italian chicken bites

Chicken tenders with honey mustard dip

Bell pepper dip

Mushroom salad spread

Stuffed mushrooms

Fried beer battered mushrooms


Garlic vegetable dip

Cheese ball spread

Pigs in blanket

BBQ mini sausages

Assorted mini cheese cubes with hard salami and olives

Crudités platter with ranch dressing

Fried or baked spicy chicken wings

Antipasto skewers

Mini beef wellington

Steak and cheese empanadas with fresh salsa

Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce

Eggplant spread

Fresh fruit with yogurt

the list is so impressive and so much more we did not added here…  we have recipes and instructions for all . Let us know if you need it .

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