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I’m not adverse to a crepe Suzette here and there, mostly there as they seemingly slide south to ones hips, adding both unnecessary bulk and comparable texture! White sitting on  ones gastronomic assets I’m coming out ….. as a lemon a sugar type of girl, which can be considered both dull and repetitious, sadly not by me. A chum came for lunch so I deployed the home-made chocolate pancakes that I make and then store in the freezer.

The chocolate ‘doings’ came to mind for a mixed platter of chocolatey curiosities, which were served with good coffee, good conversation, (cannon fire witticisms) to even better company.

chocolate pancake flowers ©  chocolate pancake stack ©

To make the chocolate pancakes

Please use your standard batter, yes, use your own recipe, store-bought pack or what ever, as I find this can cause untold grief with the ‘free-frommers’ and ‘but this is the way my Granny makes it’ brigade.  Then simply add a…

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