The Sweet and Savory Bite

You like your chicken to be tender, don’t you? Then you should welcome Cornish Hens into your life. These are those little chickens that are no larger than say a salad plate. They are super tender, moist and easy to make. Let me also add that they are not expensive. I can usually find them in the super market or Costco for under $3/pound. You could use those in place of chicken for basically any recipe. Roast them, grill them, braise them…you name it.

Seeing that it’s winter in Boston, I’ve been forced to use my oven instead of my grill on most days lately, so this recipe is for roasted hens. Maybe when the weather warms up, I’ll share a recipe using the grill!

Let’s talk a little more about chicken and how underrated it is. Did I ever tell you how much my husband loves chicken of all…

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