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Smart Food Solutions

1. Choose a diet rich in a variety of plant-based foods.
2. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
3. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active.
4. Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all.
5. Select foods low in fat and salt.
6. Prepare and store food safely.
And always remember…Do not use tobacco in any form.

Advice That’s Scientifically Sound
The New American Plate is based on recommendations set forth in a landmark research report, Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a global perspective, published by the American Institute for Cancer Research and its affiliate, the World Cancer Research Fund in the U.K.The report was written by an expert panel of scientists who reviewed more than 4,500 research studies from around the world. It remains the most comprehensive report ever done in the area of diet, nutrition and cancer. Estimates from the AICR report show that…

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