Tomatoes are packed with nutrients and vitamines, supply fiber,vitimin A,C,K,E thiamin, niacin,magnesium,phosphorus, cooper,vitamin B6.
Best way to keep tomatoes are at room temperature . Refrigerating will stop the natural ripe and will modify the texture .
Best way to ripe tomatoes is by keeping it in a paper bag, air tight, along with a banana or another fruit.
Tomatoes are considered an acidic fruit  so for that reason do not store in metal containers or unproved plastic containers . Use a NSF plastic if is necesary.
Long ago tomatoes were considered poisen cause the oxidation to led dishes or other metals like cooper used at that time.
This days tomatoes like puree, sauce, chopped,whole etc are paked in cans with an plastic underlay, just be aware of BPA.
Use organic fresh tomatoes for your cooking.
Tip. To easy peel tomatoes, place them in boiling water for 10 seconds then transfer to a boul with cold water .

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