Marinated ribeye steaks
As much as we love a dry rub on a steak cooked on an open fire ,we will like a flavored infused rich taste beef steak once in a time
Marinating meats has multiple purposes and if is done right there are only benefits from the process taste (increased flavor)
2.softens the texture
3.distinctive between different type of dishes .( can be made a signature dish )
Time, as well the right ingredients is key to marinate meats . Marinate over night, but if you have a low quality meat it should be considered to be marinated for longer time.
Always have an acidic base like , cooking wine, vinegar,lemon juice, cider tomato base juice,  Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce , orange juice , apple juice and a stock, combine with a stock, beef base stock ,vegetable, pork,and so on ..use the right base for your right meat.
Add to the mixture herbs and seasoning.Think of bayleaf, rosemary, oregano, slices of fruits etc along with salt peper , sugar, fresh garlic.
Make anough marinate to cover entire  meat . Cover air tightly and have it at a refrigerator on bottom shelf at 41 F.
In a commercial environment we are using a vacuum seal for infusing flavor and marinate individual meat cuts ,also we are using it for Sous-vide
Ok, back to marinate steaks.
So this is what is done so far for the ribeye steaks.
Beef base and water or beef stock
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Cover your steaks and refrigerate.

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