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This is very easy to make. If you have a juicer. If you don’t, I wouldn’t waste any time in encouraging you to buy one. My life has changed since our Sage Nutri-Juicer rocked into our kitchen. All sorts of concoctions have been created. Things involving beetroots, others involving turnips. Some things were good, others were ugly. This particular juice is low in fat and calories but still high in benefits – and it tastes very refreshing and light. And the benefits don’t end there.

Celery is a great anti-inflammatory vegetable, it helps with digestion and is a stress-buster too. It can even amp up your sex life and help combat cancer. Whereas apples help to control your weight, detoxify your liver, boost your immune system and neutralise IBS (among many other things). Limes as we all know are our bitter-sweet citrus friends, bursting with vitamin C. This juice only uses…

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