Proteins are organic cells of living matter, like muscles, organs, liver, brain, bones etc. They consist of the simplest components, called amino acids. Some of these are manufactured by the body. Most other amino acids come outside but a contribution, made through diet, the protein may have a dual origin:
animal: large quantities are found in meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk;
Vegetable: in soybeans, almonds, peanuts, whole grains and some legumes.
The ideal is to eat both plant proteins and animal proteins.
Proteins are essential for the body:
for the construction of cellular structures,
as a potential source of energy after conversion into glucose (Krebs cycle)
for the production of certain hormones and neuromediators for the establishment of nucleic acids (necessary for reproduction). A diet with protein deficiency can have serious consequences on the body: melting muscle, withering skin etc.
The daily ration of protein should be about 60 grams for a child and adolescent 90 grams.
In adults, it should be a gram per kilogram of weight, with a minimum of 55 grams per day for women and 70 grams per day in men.
In other words, protein intake for an adult, must represent at least 15% of daily energy intake. But if protein intake is indeed too high and insufficient physical activity, protein residues will persist in the body and will turn into uric acid.
Except egg animal or vegetable protein without the necessary body amino acid balance amount.
The absence of an amino acid may be “limiting factor” to impede absorption of other amino acids. Therefore, nutrition must involve animal protein with vegetable.
A diet based solely on vegetable protein (vegetarianism) should be unbalanced, it would be deprived, in particular cysteine, which, would cause disturbances for nails, hair
Instead, a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and milk can be balanced.

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