Marvelous Mo at Home

I love bacon. I’m a firm believer that everything IS better with bacon and if I had access to Lady Gaga’s fashion team that made her meat suit a few years back, heaven only knows what my closet would smell like these days. But I love my husband even more and am not interested in getting divorced over my desire to wear pork on the sands of Miami Beach. So I decided to do the next best thing.

My bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers. Since the very first time I assembled these little gems, my friends have requested I make these every time my husband and I throw a party. They are creamy, crispy and spicy. Filled with flavorful chorizo and multiple cheeses, every bite you take is a cliffhanger that has you obsessing for more.

Despite the use of jalapeños, if seeded right, even those that aren’t fans of high heat…

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