Proper temperatures to fry foods are important to avoid greasy food .Fry food at 350°–375°F (175°–190°C).
Don’t place too much food at once to be fried because will lower the oil temperature and will result in greasy foods
Use a fat to wistand a high smoking point
Replace 25% of the fat with fresh fat to extande frying times
Do not use old fat or oils, that will avoid the browning and rappidly changing foods flavor
Do not use highly spiced food because the food fried after will get the same taste.
Frying should be done as closest to serving time.
Do not leave fried food cover or on top of fryer to avoid building moisture and make food soggy
Turn fryer off as soon as is no need for , or lower the temperature.Any heat will continue braking down the oil
Filter the fat as often you can to remove loose particles and shake excesive breading off foods before frying
Remove excess of water from items  before frying to avoid accidents
Fried food should be hot, crispy and never greasy

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