Seven days healthy menu. Cook all ingredients by steaming, grilling, broiling , dry heat. Use less sodium and low fat oils.

Tomato salad
Lean meat, fish turkey chicken. (your choice)
Green beans
Low fat cheese/ cottage cheese
Drinks: water, tea
Relish plate
Turkey breast
Steamed spinach (not from can, frozen if you like or better fresh )
Low fat cheese
Drinks: water,tea, low sugar or no sugar
Mushroom salad
Broiled chicken
Low fat Cheese
Drinks: water, tea, low sugar or no sugar
Leeks salad with lemon juice
Lean beef fajita strips
Boiled eggs
Low fat cheese /cottage cheese
Drinks: water, tea no sugar or low sugar
Sardines in oil/ fish
Cabbage/steamed or salad
Drinks: water, tea
Savoy‘s green salad with vegetables
Grilled chicken
Low fat Cheese
Drinks: water, tea, low sugar
Spinach salad (no can spinach, frozen, best fresh)
Low fat protein like chicken , turkey, lean fish, pork tenderloin.
Steamed fresh Broccoli
Drinks: Water, tea, low sugar
Tip: This is an affordable menu easy to follow with great results
Substitute with tofu seitan, tofurkey for vegetarian to replace proteins in this menu
Check our new  healthy menus online@

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