As we mentioned before , the most important aspect in to culinary industry is the “Menu”. Without one the chef is lost. Think of a  menu like a kitchen
GPS for chefs and that’s a must in a commercial environment.
Food menus need to be build according to the customers we serve and have all the elements necesary . Thank you to all the menu softwares available which
can  do more then just make a menu they can calculate prices per each ingredient and can also generate nutritional information.
At home as well a menu can be planned in advance and can be fun, easy to make .
Times you may need to plan for a menu  may be  for families reunions, friends parties, baby showers, graduation parties,  team parties, cocktail name it .
Start by considering the space square ft, ( number of invites), ambiance and the team of the gathering, (decoration purpose , tight in elements and have menu reflecting ) ,next, think of time how long and if AM or PM.(family parties can be done at any time no restrictions. Formal parties with co workers should be done for 2 hours between big meals of the day or after dinner time
Think of the invites and their expectation.  Fix a budget . Fix a menu .
Follow this easy guide can help you with preparations.
Family reunions, a menu needs to have consistancy of all major nutritional groups (big meal)protein, starch,vegetable,sides,  desert
Cocktail parties , should be composed of bite size ready to eat foods. The whole reasons for all this parties is to future the attention to something alse but still give the confort and fancy of a party . It usually done for a marketing purpose, receptions or tight along with other events.
Cook out parties . The name tells it all .. get ready for an outdoor time, fun in the sun and loud music, make the menu and ambience acourding to the team choosen .
Holidays parties usual consists of tradition foods but also can include variations of cocktails party food and more substantial dishes .

Tip. To not run out of food on your parties the best way is to offer multiple choices and a big spred of dishes . Make sure to plan for all your invites who RSVP and 5 to 10 extra …
If you need help let us know . We support all chefs .

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