Food in Healthcare needs attention. The industry came along with improvements in the last 10 years but still struggling.

Food should be very imporant in care since can contribute to the well being of a pacient or resident . With right diets pacients  and long term Healthcare residents can sustain or improve their life.
As we work and continue to work with healthcare to improve its sistem still there is resistance twords new bright ideas in culinary industry from business owners, investors  and the food manufacturers who can acomodate, business but will not provide quality.
A business is a money maker in Healthcare . But we belive food needs to be on same level as care level . When less budgets are passed twords food, doesn’t make any sense to have it as low as some care providers do. (3$, 4$ or 5$ a day in health care for a pacient is insufficient to create  a healthy meal). I know maybe some will not agree, but low quality food should not be purchased for people who needs to get  healthy from the start point.
Corporations in Health have no idea how to run their food departments .
A health care food system should operate same as a restaurant. . It make sense, produce anough to sustain it’s own budgets, compete for quality of service as well ..I will definitely remove all hamburgers, fried wings, high sugar fountain drinks  and so on …

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