A cook must understand that not only flavor is important to be created when preparing food. Same importance should be considered for sight, smell, taste, and touch.

Keep in mind to achieve for your next meal the following:
Sight. The appearance of the plate, (color, shine, texture). A plated dish should newer be crowded. Main dish needs to be future and  adequate space needs to be designated. Fresh foods needs to be vibrant, right color and consistency like gravy or sauces needs to have the specific consistency color and shine specific to the dish served.
Aroma is an important factor and  can be easy obtain by using combination of herbs, and spices. Aroma is basic the smell of the dish.
Flavor (taste) is one of the most important aspects and it will bring the overall components of your dish together.
Texture and temperature not to be ignored and should be achieved with all dishes since will create the mouthful sensation and temperature being a safety factor needs attention

 Tip: learn basic plating methods, Never place cold and hot food together on the same plate (display,) study about umami a flavor derived from protein which can improve flavor in foods.

Adjust the seasoning at the end. this is an important step with all recipes .

Introduce the  sound effect with food for buffets/ station food for the ultimate achievement in food presentation and display. (a  sound of sizzling steak , a crunchy fried chicken sound when bite in to .. etc)

Appropriate garnish plates to improve appearance

Add fresh herbs to the end of the cooking process to improve aroma.

Acidity in food need to be considered as well.

Classic flavors combinations.

Those flavors can be observed in cuisines around the world and are established  flavors combination, as an example Italian foods which uses tomato base products, garlic, oregano and other specific spices.. follow major cuisines recipes to understand combinations of building flavors.

Building flavor is hard to achieve and you will need to experience and learn to balance flavors, there are definitely spices and herbs which goes together but also the one which should never be combined or needs to be balanced right in case will be served.

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