Bring the dough to a 80F before baking for better results
Bake pie dough at 375 in regular oven. Reduce 20F for convection oven
Prewash pie dough with a mixture of milk and water to improve color, taste and texture.
Use only cold water and cold shortening when mixing pie dough.
Add minimum amount of salt and always premix in water at the end. Salt will cause the gluten to loose elasticity and results in tough pie crust.
Pie dough should be stored always cold and covered .
Do not let pie dough rest more then 24 hours . Use it cold and as soon it reach room temperature it should be baked
When you bake custard pies like pumpkin or sweet potatoes, cook at higher temperature 425F half way then reduce to 375F until done
Pecan Pie bakes  best at low temperature, no higher then 300F .
Best flour to use is pastry flour
Best sugar for pie is granulated sugar
High calories margarine, shortening  is best to use.

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