I never liked artificial fod colors, it always stained my fingers and that red drink stain my carpet all the time .
I never tought it’s good for human consumption .
As you may know artificial color is used in all processed food to improve its appearance.
In 1970 FDA banned Red Dye No2 after studies show increased cancer in rats administrated Red No2
In 2007 British stadies find that artificial  food colors and preserves increase hyperactivity. Same year, European Foods Standard Agency asked for removal of all artificial colors from foods .FDA did not change and put out a statement that food color is safe when consume properly . Now I do not know what that properly meant
The fallowing food colors are still used in USA in food processing:
Blue No1, Blue No2, Green No3, Red No40, Yellow No5(increase Asthma),Yellow No6.
The color Orange B is restricted in sausages and hotdogs and I’m wondering why only?
There are numerous studies and findings , I’m asking a simple question, why taking the chance ?


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