I was cleaning beets and cut the leafs away. She told me that she wants the leafs to be sautéed with garlic,salt, pepper, onions… of course I probable have that face “who would eats the leafs”  then she said .. ” you do eat the leaf right? ” I told her that I never tried it . She said please do are very good and healthy so I tasted and  are very tasty.. After a research I came to see that most people trow them away because they just don’t know what they have .Looking at the nutritional values… this is some great leafs .

Based on 2000 calories diet  the greens of beets have a 220% vitamin A, 60% vitamin C 16% of calcium and 15 of Iron 

High in vitamin B6 and Vitamin K helps with osteoporosis..but that I found out that beets leafs  play a role in fighting Alzheimers disease  and the Iron level is higher then of spinach and ironic  is the fact that leafs are more nutritional then beet  itself .. I can go on and on and let you know that beets leafs contain lots of beta carotene and is also an Antioxidant who fight Cancer and help to bust your immune systems..well you can find that for yourself ..

A simple recipe 

Cut and wash beets leafs and chop as you will do any salad . Chope few cloves of garlic in a sauté  pan large enought to place a top after you place all leafs inside. Add grape seeds oil or avocado oil salt pepper and sauté  until leaves are cooked half way.  Remove and squiz some lemon juice . Increase vitamin C and  saute along with garlic some bell peppers.
The problem is that we work wit people with Alzheimers for more then 20 years. Wr never seen a menu to contain beets leafs.Do food distibuitors even have to sell the leafs? All research is there why dont they just make an healthier menu? Another sad part is that they said Alzheimers pacients can eat wathever they want cause is too late for them. We say maybe not too late. We commited to introduse healthy organic local foods,and is happening now and why not lots of beet leafs.

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