Our recipe is easy and flavorful and may be the best recipe on how to cook Brussels sprouts, one of many peoples favorite side dish for Thanksgiving meal.

Follow the pictures and videos for full  explanations.

Clean, tream and steam Brussels sprouts.

Chop,  bacon and onion

Place all together in a skillet with minced garlic,  let roast until bacon is getting almost burnt on the bottom . I know, burnt ?  Yes, do not worry. Reduce fire and make a mixture of chicken base and water ready and pour over and let boil scraping the bottom of your pan (de-glaze the pan)

First step cooking bacon, onion and garlic 

Added chicken stock

Pour over drained Brussels  sprouts .De-glazing the pan is where the flavor is.. and now you know. Give it a try . If you want you can adjust flavor at the end if more salt needed .A trick what we learned long ago is to add lemon pepper to cabbage and can be used here as well.

Happy Thanksgiving

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