Here is a step by step cooking a South Indian spicy plantain.Yield 4 

Use 4 medium to small plantains Make sure are firm and green color. You can use a pressure cooker or simple boil  the plantains.

Old fashion pressure cooker with a whistle cook for 3 whistles. If you boil it make sure the plantains are cooked but still firm, try with a fork  or as soon the plantains change color from green to pale brown remove from heat. Let stand for 10 minutes or more because can get very hot. Peel plantains and cut in slices.Place plantain in a bowl with the following spices: 1 tea spoon turmeric, 1 tea spoon chilli powder and one tea spoon of coriander powder  and toss to get even coverage. 

 In a skillet heat 2 table spoons of cooking oil. When oil is hot add one tea spoon of mustard seeds,1 tea spoon of cumin seeds and 2 small green chilli pepper split in half, wait until seeds are cracking.

Add plantains to the hot oil and stir constantly till all come together and the spices stick to the plantains.if becomes to dry you can add few spoons of water.

At the end sprinkle with salt for taste.

A very tasty side dish and can be served with plain white rice .

To increase the hot spicy taste add more green chili peppers.

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