Running out of ideas ? Go with chocolate and will never go wrong ..

To make 20 covered chocolate strawberries you will need the following: 

10 oz melting Girardelli  chocolate 

20 organic strawberries  (try to have them same size)

Parchment paper 

Bamboo skewers 

Cup cake liners

Melt chocolate according to the instructions on the bag (make sure chocolate doesn’t over heat)

Keep strawberries at room temperature for 30 minute , wash and dry with a paper towel.

Place a skewer inside strawberry by the leafs then dip in melted chocolate and transfer to parchment paper

Let strawberries completly cool off. You can use a fork to drizzle lines and let cool again like the one in the picture.. be creative, use white chocolate or crushed nuts..after cooling off

Transfer to cup cakes liners and place in box . Refrigerate, strawberries will be good for 24h.

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