We all know that vinegar can be used as an all round safe cleaner, a mold inhibitor and a disinfectant. Here are some use of venigar in the kitchen .

1.To reduce the odors of boiling  cabbage add vinegar in the water.

2. Any food that is rubbed with vinegar will prolong it’s time before start to grow mold.  Keep it in an air tight container to reduce the smell of vinegar if stored along other foods if you use this technique.

3. Make a vinegar- water combination to dunk peeled apples or patoatoes to keep it longer before brown 

4. Add vinegar to fraying oil to reduce its  burnig cooking taste 

5. Use a drop of vinegar to poach eggs . Vinegar will coagulate faster the egg whites 

6.Add vinegar to your pie dough for a better pie shell result.

7. Add vinegar to marinate meats, and make them tender.

8. Add vinegar to cooking deserts or cooking fruits for improved taste.

9. Add vinegar to preserve  condiments or to pickle fruits and vegetables.

10. Adding vinegar to food gels and meringues will result in better   holds.

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