Did you know that older adults  have fewer taste buds than younger people? As we older we will eat less and with that fewer nutrients as well. Older adults needs rich foods in nutrients and vitamins like potassium and vitamin B.

When in health care therapeutic diets are ordered by doctors and needs to be followed to ensure key intake components like nutrients and provide treatment to different clinical conditions, for everyone else which is not restricted by a clinical conditions, the best diet  is a liberalized diet that offers tasty meals to promote and improve nutrition and let you maintain weight and build muscle. Our nutrition will change as we grow older.

As we age our metabolisms slows down and  makes it difficult for some of the meals to be digested at the same rate as we were young.

The best are foods moderate in protein, low carbs, low fats and high in fiber, meals rich  in green leafy vegetables and foods that contain lots of antioxidants .

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