The best diet is the diet that works for you, that brings out the energy needed for the level of activity is necessary daily and which fulfill and maintain your overall health.
The reasons that are so many diets is because each individual is set different, from the body type to levels of activity, age and so more .

When we think of diet we tend to focus into foods but that’s not what we need to be aware only.  We should promote a healthy life style trough a healthy diet , physical activity and  mind wellness.
Learn to combine those powerful tools will promote the healthy life style you looking for.

Daily routine:

Morning time: Wake up early so that you have plenty of time to get ready for the day  and do not rush.   Drink a cup of  water to help flash  some of the toxins  accumulated in the body overnight.  Start slow  by eating a fruit that will help with digestions, increasing acidity level  in your body, an orange , grapefruit or squeeze some lemon in to your drinking water. you can start preparing your breakfast meal  and it should be composed of some starches like an oatmeal , cream of wheat etc  that can be used as  energy fuel.

Use a snack  between  breakfast and lunch compose of a fresh fruit or nuts  and drink and drink water  in special 30 minutes before  your meal

Mid day. Depending of activity, set the most calories packed  meal when the level of activity is higher during the day , Choose a meal appropriate for lunch. it is recommended that  after the meal we take a break for 10 , 15 minutes or we can take a walk  outdoors to increase level of oxygen.

It is recommended to eat a heavier meal during mid day that in the evening when our metabolism is slowing down

Use a snack time between lunch and dinner times is a good idea ,  a fruit or protein consistent snack is recommended . make sure you drink water  as well

Evening time; same as for lunch choose the appropriate  meal that is consistent with the level of activity at that time of the day. we should spend  time doing some type of  physical activity  as well in the evening . take long walks or do some type of activity.

Include a late snack if is necessary  of fresh fruit or protein.

Mind wellness:  No doubt that to meditate is one of the most powerful thing that can help with your mind wellness but also you can be part of things that involve any form of creativity , art form of any level, yoga exercising, reading , music listening, spending time outdoors, gardening, crafts and other hobbies.  Maintaining a healthy  family and friends relationships that nourish and empower your mind is necessary for the completion a healthy life style.



One thought on “A healthy lifestyle trough a healthy diet

  1. Thank you I have just recently started to really pay attention to mind wellness. I am journaling and meditating. Trying to remain focused and keeping relaxed. Glad you added that tip too!

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