Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)  is the only vitamin that contain an essential mineral that is cobalt.

Cobalamin is absorbed from the small intestine and our bodies naturally store this vitamin and for that reason a healthy digestive system is required. The biggest concentration of vitamin B12 is find in all  animal metabolic tissues like liver , bone marrow , kidney, heart, blood and brain.

Where to find vitamin B12 in food ?

As we know that the vitamin 12 is produced and stored in the active metabolic animal organs in abundance and consumption of those foods like liver , bone marrow, kidney etc. will help you to get your vitamin B12 produced naturally. Also foods like fish, seafood , meat , egg yolks, milk products and in special fermented yogurt are good sources.

Some foods by fermentation (Tempeh), yeasts , molds and algae can also produce vitamin 12  but a person which is following a vegetarian diet cannot get enough vitamin B12. For vegan and vegetarian diets a synthetic  produced vitamin B12 needs to be supplemented.

Vitamin B12 is also known as the energy vitamin and can stimulate the nervous system , appetite and stimulate growth in kids. Low levels of this vitamin cause tiredness and fatigue.  Aging play a big role in vitamins absorption at intestinal level and for that reason a good absorption has to be first established  to take full advantage of the foods we eat.

A good thing is that the requirements of daily vitamin B12 intake is not as high  of other vitamins and is easily obtain naturally from foods.

There are currently  studies that involve vitamin B deficiency  in Alzheimer’s , Cardiovascular, Cancers and other disease  because of the relation of vitamin B deficiency

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