Prime rib photoPrime rib is consider to be one of top quality beef cuts . It comes with its price but you cannot go wrong with it .Known by most of the customers for it distinct flavor and tenderness this delicious cut is a winner on any menu.

Methods of Cooking

My favorite one and always with good results:

Have the meat rubbed with spices like garlic, salt, pepper and place It on a high heat flat top or on a griddle.

Sear all sides of the meat for few minutes on each side . You can add cooking oil if is on a flat top only to speed up the process but do not add oil on an open fire. Never ever .

Place the seared meat in a baking pan and place it in a preheated oven at a temperature no higher than 250F and not lower then 140F and slow cook it for 4  hours for a 10lb  prime rib

Check the internal temperature every 30 minute.

135 TO 145 MEDIUM RARE.165F For a well done


Rub raw prime rib with paprika for more in depth roast color before you sear it.

Temperature of the prime rib is always higher at the ends when finish cooking in ovens.

Have a calibrated or an electronic thermometer for accurate temperatures checks.

Prime is a quality of meat with a higher price per pound .

If is less then 8$ per pound may not be prime quality.

Prime meats are stamped USDA prime.

You cannot find it at Walmart, Kroger,Albertson .  Look for it at a butcher / local meat store, Costco, Central Market

Aged is better and more flavorful but can be expensive.

Serve with au jus and horseradish sauce, never with gravy.

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