What should be considered.

Planning ahead a time is a must for setting buffet meals, knowing as many specifics possible will help to achieve the results desired. Visualize the buffet tables where are placed, how the dishes are presented, keep colds food together and separate of the hot food , consider color of your plates, dishes is very important. Think you are an artist and now you get ready to put pieces together to create a flow of spread good healthy food.

You will need to understand basic of buffet presentation, food safety for buffet services, be able to use specialized equipment to create presentation. Be able to to demonstrate a variety of techniques to keep presentation appealing.

Start with a theme in mind and build the menu and the presentation according to that. Do not use chips and salsa for a barbecue planed buffet and so on. Offer dishes specific to the theme. Do some homework before you plan.

Build dishes on buffet tables around center pieces, ice sculptures, flower baskets etc. is another options, use risers to elevate platters…..be creative,

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