Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Readers with no connection to the United States (neither born or living in the US), forgive this post as it is US centered (I know…just like an American to be self-centered….)

Recently the New York Times put together a map of the United States that show the migration within the US. Each state shows what percentage of people living in the state were born there, what percentage were born outside of the US, and what percentage was born from various other states. Here are some interesting finds:

  • The states with the lowest percentage of people living in a state that was born there: Nevada (25%), Florida (36%), District of Columbia (37%) and Arizona (38%).
  • The highest percentage: Louisiana (79%), Michigan (77%), Ohio (75%) and Pennsylvania (74%).
  • 28% of California’s population was born outside of the US.
  • 19% of Nevada’s population was born in California.
  • Less than 1% of Ohio’s population…

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