20150228_160940 You will need : wheat sandwich thins, sunflower butter spread, banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, frozen fruit . It takes less than 2 minutes to put together, bold flavors, very reach. Bread thins can be toasted first for more crunch, ice cream can be replaced with whipped cream, frozen fruits with fresh fruit, chocolate with caramel..strawberry sauce etc … this is the dessert invention of the day

 spread sunflower butter on a toasted wheat thin sandwich bread and place slice 1/4  inch bananas on top

place the other half of bread sandwich toasted on top and cut in half ..place a scoop of vanilla on top garnish with chocolate syrup and fruit. It was made in less than 2 minutes and eat in less than one ……


20150228_161547 20150228_162007

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