Diced beef 1/2 inch  (choice and up, prime is best ). Cook in a beef stock until tender.
Next…cube potatoes , carrots, dice onion, celery and add to the meat twords the end cooking process , reduce heat, cover , cook  until potato are done, thicken using flour and butter mixture for adjusting the dish consistency
Add salt peper for taste .
Cook noodles …that do not need explication …
Serve in a bowl, noodle first then beef stew on top or use a plate as we do . Garnish with fresh chopped parsley . Serve dish with a french roll or a crispy bread .
You can sear off the beef tips and that will cook out some of the meat juices and will help with overall appearancestors .Obviously there are multiple way of doing a beef stew. In one of the training season I seen older chefs coat the tips with flour to braise the meat for extra tendernes ,but I belive is a technique used if your meet is of low quality as select/commercial



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