Carbohydrates  that affect  us and we should be aware and control for a good nutrition are split in 2 major groups
Bad carbohydrates.
These are carbohydrates whose assimilation causes an increase in high blood glucose (hyperglycemia).
Is table sugar in all its forms (pure or combined with other foods as cakes), but it is also the case of all refined carbohydrates, like white rice, white flour, or alcohol (particularly distilled alcohol) and potato and maize.
Good carbohydrates
Contrary to the above, these are carbohydrates whose uptake by the body is weak and therefore causes a low glucose release in the body. Grains(bran flour), whole rice and pasta  as lentils, but especially for most fruits and vegetables, all of which we include in the category food and fibre (leeks, turnips, lettuce, green beans) and containing all a small amount of carbohydrates.
Tip. Eat more fiber, fruits and less refined sugar …:)

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