cropped-wpid-20141127_132756.jpgFibers can be found in vegetables, legumes, fruits and cereals in the rough.
Although they have no energy values, fiber plays an extremely important role in digestion, especially due to pulp, pectin and gels which they contain. They provide a good intestinal transit, and their absence is at the origin of most cases of constipation. Fibers, being very rich in vitamins and mineral salts play a big role in our well being .
They prevent the absorption of digestive, lipids, decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis.
On the other hand, the fibers have the advantage to limit the toxic effects of certain chemicals, such as additives and colors. According to some doctors, some fibers would have the ability to protect against colon has numerous risks and, especially, against digestive cancers.
In recent years, increasing the level of industrialized nations resulted in the decline in consumption of fiber.
The ratios of fiber per day depends on weight, age, sex, eat as many you can but if you will consider a cup of vegetables a meal for a healthy  mid age person is good as you can get as reference other way consult a nutritionist.
Today, with rising levels of living, replaced in most vegetables, and pasta are made with white flour, sifted flour, i.e. of which fibers were eliminated.
Consume a variety of fibers from different sources, wheat grains, green leafy vegetables an fruits, all kinds of vibrant color vegetables will be a good choice of fiber and vitamins.
Be  also aware of starchy vegetables like peas, corn and other .

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