Kitchen environment can be dangerous for untrained cooks.

The following tips should help prevent burns in the kitchen , remember always stay focus and handle all situations with care when at work in kitchen environment

“Always a pot handle is hot”. Use this mentality with all equipment brought in close areas to fires an heat.  Don’t  grab it until you are using judgement of how to handle it. Use pads, gloves, dry towels to handle hot pans. Never grab a hot item with dump towels. steam will burn you .
Turn all pot handles away from burners and out of people ways
Open lids away from you to let steam escape safely.
Always wear closed toe shoes to avoid burning if spills happens
Warn people around you when passing with hot items. Tell everyone when serving plates that are too hot to grab,

Keep liquids away from hot oils and dress with a fire safe chef jacket. Do not try to light pilots if you smell gas.

You should be properly  train to work in a commercial kitchen before you start your job, be part of safety classes and meetings at list once every 3 months.

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