If you need information on nutritional values on any popular foods at stores or restaurants please let us know in to an email. Smart Food Solutions can calculate amounts of calories, proteins, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and fiber for your convenience, the foods and products are very different  in values depends of  type,manufacturers and amounts.

Just to give an example here.

For someone who have kids and want to introduce them to  apple juice, we can advise on different brands and calculate the nutritional values of each one  and let you decide on the best choice of apple juice. 

There is a lot of missing information out there about what products are best and unless  you are able to read and understand all nutritional values on labels and compare with a variety of other products you won’t be able to tell the difference.

We use precise info and will compare results  with different data bases for accuracy and report back to you.

This also helps to be more knowledged about foods and use precise amounts and ingredients to cook the  healthiest  foods on the market or to decide if a diet is right for you or not.

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